Welcome to Cambridge Policy Labs

Co-Directors: Professor Colin R Talbot and Dr Carole L Talbot

Cambridge Policy Labs is a ‘virtual’ initiative to explore and experiment with deliberative public policy formation.

Our work on Policy Labs has evolved over a decade or so as can be seen from some of the work mentioned on this site.

The first actual online Policy Lab we ran was set up at University of Manchester, with ESRC IAA funding. But before that we experimented with similar processes with, for example, the Estonian Government.

With Colin Talbot’s retirement from University of Manchester, and move to the Cambridge, the Policy Lab work has now also moved.

We currently have three main themes to our activities:

  • EXPERIMENTING with online Policy Labs
  • EXPLORING engagement between academics and policymakers
  • EXPLORING and mapping non-academic ‘professional social inquiry’

We welcome contributions and comments on any or all of these themes or any other relevant issues, experiences and practices.

If you want to contact us please email:
ct541@cam.ac.uk (Colin)
ct546@cam.ac.uk (Carole)


Cambridge Policy Labs is owned and run by ENGAGE Public Policy Ltd.